Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Memory of Petra Casas

Today, I remember Petra Casas, grandmother of my best friend, Cythia Casas Bishop. I have known Cindy now for almost 18 years, and our friendship strengthens with each memory we share. We have a special connection in that that we both hold dear and love deeply our abuelas. Cindy was my friend when my grandmother, Ramona Gonzalez was alive. I know Cindy remembers coming over to my house where I lived with my abuelita to eat lunch, or take naps before we kept studying for the night. The fact that Cindy has in her memory images and recuerdos of my grandmother, connects this dear friend to my ancestrial past. In return, I have dear memories of Cindy's grandmother, Petra. (The picture above is from Cindy's wedding to Steve Bishop this past July in Albuquerque, NM. From left, Petra Casas, Cindy Casas Bishop, and Elvia Casas)
Nuestras abuelas nos dan los más dulces momentos y recuerdos de nuestras vidas. Nunca, nunca se nos olvidará de nuestras abuelas.
In Memory - Petra Casas September23, 1923 - February 24, 2009